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Tips for Finding a Mentor

Good business mentors have a big impact on businesses. Their connections can open doors that would have been closed and their experience can save business people from suffering from the same mistakes that they went through. Finding a mentor is not easy as you have to know the things that make a good mentor, how to approach one and also maximize the relationship.

The best mentors are those that ask a lot of hard questions and challenge one to surpass set goals. They need to share their own experiences and help you to uncover new opportunities. A mentor should not tell you what to do as their role is to advice you. It is your business to operate and not theirs.

The most common mistake that a lot of people do is by opting for the busiest and most well known mentor. While this might work, it is more productive to analyze your own network and search locally for mentors. Approach founders and key people of companies which in your area that you look up to. Those are people who are going to invest time in your business. In order to make the first connection, send an email stating what your business does and why you are reaching out to them. Take time to read their personal blog or other online account to learn more about their background.

Once you will have established a connection, you need to build a relationship with time. One way you can do this is by check in on a regular basis. Mentors love to see progress and take pride in knowing that their help has been fruitful.

With the tips provided above, you are sure to get the best mentor. Take your time and choose wisely. Do not just rush for the first person that you come across.