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Learning From Your Mistakes

MistakesIt was Albert Einstein who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” Mistakes are inevitable and as we are all humans we are bound to make a mistake at one time or another. There are two different types of mistakes- simple mistakes and complex mistakes. A simple mistake may cost you a broken nail while a complex mistake can ruin your entire life. Having said that, to learn from your mistakes, you first have to identify what you did wrong, accept the wrong and then make changes.

Identifying Your Mistakes

Unless you are living in a bubble, it is quite easy to recognize when you have made a mistake. Some of the primary indications that you have erred include: broken relationships, a parking fine, a speeding ticket, and loss of business revenue, loss of profit and even loss of clients.

Accept Your Mistakes

When you have identified your mistake, there is no point berating yourself about it. The thing is, though it is unfortunate that you’ve made a mistake, you have to recognise that it is an opportunity for you to learn- an opportunity not to repeat the action. Many people make the mistake of accepting their mistakes but they get stuck in a rut because they keep dwelling on them. There is nothing that will hold you back more than dwelling on your losses and your errors in judgment. Doing this only obscures your vision of the future. Making a mistake doesn’t mean you are a failure. The only failure is when you are unable to rise from that mistake.

Make Changes

Once you have identified and accepted that you made a mistake, it’s time to move into the mode of making changes to avoid history repeating itself. When you make a mistake, you have to perceive it as an opportunity to learn something new. In the case of a mistake in your business affairs, you will have to brainstorm and analyze what you think will work the next time around. This may mean changing notions, strategies and even formulas. If your business is under-performing, you may have to consider offering more value for money to customers, invest in employee training or improve customer service.

It is often said that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Whenever you make a mistake instead of berating yourself, seize the opportunity to try something new. You will ultimately develop strength of character in the process. And if you ever consider giving up after several failed attempts, always bear in mind that it took the makers of rust prevention formula,WD40, had to rework their formula 39 times before the finally reaping success. It depends on how you view it, because a mistake may be a pothole to discovery.